Sunday, October 2, 2022

Vallebona Country House: the house for MCS and EHS on a book!

The book "Una casa per la buona salute" (A House for Good Health), published by Libreria Editrice Fiorentina in September 2022, describes the principles to build and renovate a house in order to mantain good health.

Vallebona Country House was built according such principles, with a special attention to the needs of people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electro Hypersensitivity.

On the book there are several pictures of Vallebona Country House that is taken as an example of good design.

The building materials are natural and, most of all, they were chosen because of their low odour.

The furniture is mainly in brick and metal, with a few parts in hard untreated wood.

The electric wiring system is shielded and the electric systems shuts down automatically when not used in order to reduce EMF exposure.

If you want to book your stay at Vallebona Country House, write to vallebonahouse 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The air quality at Vallebona is excellent

In order to evaluate the air quality at Vallebona House, the owner asked for a professional measurement of the air quality.

The following two picture shows the results of the measurement made using the Luftmonitor machines, also known as the "electronic nose", which reveal the level of reactive oxygen species in the air. 

The percentage is higher when the reactive oxygen species in the air are lower.

At Vallebona House the quality of air is at the highest possible. The measure was taken just outside the house.

The test was made on December, 4 2016 and, on the same day, the test was repeated in Rome, precisely at San Giovanni. The percentage of air quality found in Rome was 45%.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Vallebona Country House a Safe Place to Enjoy Nature and Health

The Vallebona Country House is a beautiful accomodation for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity who want to spend some time in a quiet and safe place not too far from Rome.

The house is surrounded by a large wild forest.

There are no industries, no intensive agricolture fields, no EMF sources nearby.
The nearest house is 1 mile far. The nearest village is 2 miles far.

All the property has a chemical free, fragrance free, smoke free and radiation free policy.

The owner of the House has severe MCS/EHS and she lived in Rome. It took her 5 years to find a safe place where to live. And since she arrived at this place in the heart of the Monti Lucretili Park she immediately noticed that the air quality was excellent and that she had more energy than usual.

There are no means of  public transport, so the guests need to arrive at the house by car.

The big ring road (Grande Raccordo Anulare) of Rome is one hour drive far. The center of Rome is one hour and half drive far.

Contact: vallebonahouse @